Reaching this milestone has been nothing but awesome! Simply AWESOME! Thought the year I made it a goal to hit 1000 subscribers by Christmas. The road was challenging of course, but just like everyone else who has made it, I stuck to my schedule and to making the videos that I thought were needed to build a community and here we are! 1000 subscribers challenge was reached in relatively less time than expected and of course, I want to thank each and everyone of you!

Moving forward, I will adjust the channel once again to aim for the next big milestones while making sure the community receives the needs and wants it is subscribing for. I will be doing a review on how I reached 1000 subscribers, I will be holding a give away for reaching 1000 subscribers and of course I will focus on making sure I continue to provide value in all my videos answering the questions viewers have to help them on their journey with their projects and businesses.

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