Woodgreen Community Services Mentorship

In late 2011 I became involved with Woodgreen Community Services.  I currently volunteer as a mentor assisting new immigrants find jobs and set up their lives here in Toronto. I became involved to assist new immigrants find jobs similarly to my YMCA work in KW.  Quickly I found an opportunity to be a key note speaker in skills needed to find positions.  I believe in the cause of assisting new comers to Canada and find it inspiring to meet people who come to another our country trying to start from the beginning.


In 2011 I became involved with YMCA.  I currently volunteer as a mentor assisting new immigrants find jobs and set up their lives here in KW.  I became involved as I saw a need to support our local community. During my tenure at St. Louis Continuing Education I assisted over 30 people gain new careers and jobs.  My ability to pinpoint skills and characteristics couple with my vast network and knowledge base allows me to assist people in changing careers effectively and efficiently.  With increasing success at the YMCA and their continuing work in the community I am proud to be a valued volunteer!

KW Greek Food Festival

Since the age of 16 I have been involved with the KW Greek Food Festival.  The Festival is a 2 week event in Kitchener Waterloo providing great food and culture.  Every year of 10 thousand people come through the doors to participate in the festivities and support the Greek-Cypriot Community. Stay tuned for the upcoming year, with a new look and feel to our website!

OCT Member

In 2009 I became an OCT member.  As an OCT member I am a confirmed certified teacher.  Since 2009 I have taught at several schools and am a member of both the Waterloo Regional District School Board and Waterloo Catholic School Board where I supply on my off days.  Teaching is a passion and something I will do for the rest of my life!

Trent University

In 2008 I decided to attend Trent University Bachelor of Education. I became intrigued withe opportunities available with a BEd and decided to move into a small town with a big heart.  Trent University was an interesting school and Peterborough an even more interesting city.  I met a variety of people and found long lasting friends.  Being part of a small community and being able to meet key figures who help shape the cities future was an experience that gave me a profound look at community and what it truly is!

KW Aristotelis Greek School

In 2002, I began teaching the Adult Greek Language credit course.  With no teaching experience I began teaching adults the Greek language through my experience and knowledge. I quickly realized how influential I was in the classroom and my capabilities to teach subject matter.  My strengths certainly revolve around influence and creativity through knowledge. I was able to make an impact for more than four years.  The KW Greek School has catered to students of Greek descent for over 25 years and still strong.  Truly an opportunity of a life time!