I went all in with the Prograde SD Card! I bought six as they were on sale with a great price point. I suggest waiting for a good sale. The quality and speed have been up there with the rest. The Prograde UHS-II v90 SD card should fit the need of most people. When comparing the Prograde UHS-II with Canon R, Canon R6 and Canon R5, with both single and dual recording, the Prograde SD card perform better than expected. In fact, if we compare it with Sandisk UHS-II V90 SD Card, it takes the cake!

Overall, the price point was great, the quality was great, and my hope is that the reliability stands that time.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Comparing Prograde UHS-ii vs SanDisk UHS-ii
1:53 Workflow and why I bought Prograde V90 UHS-ii Cards
2:55 Why you need a good reliable SD card
4:00 High end cameras and why you need good and reliable SD Cards
4:45 Canon r6 and dual sd cards
5:42 Buffer recovery timing. How long does it take for the R6 buffer to empty?
6:55 Prograde vs Sandisk UHS-ii cards. Which is better?
7:49 Buffer recovery timing. How long does it take for the R5 buffer to empty?
8:02 Angelbird CFexpress cards with Prograde vs Sandisk Dual Recording
8:28 Canon R vs Canon R6 vs Canon R5 Buffer speed to empty
10:25 Testing SD cards and how my real world testing works
12:20 Price point and Prograde SD Cards

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