AMD USB disconnecting issues has been fixed up for some people where others are still struggling. For me the struggle is real both with the USB disconnecting issue and my M.2 drive speeds being affected.

What occurs? The USB will disconnect either immidiately or randomly. This has happened with almost every device. The hub I have connected to the type c has done a great job. The cameras and external monitor has not had an issue. However, I need more USB’s and this is a temp solution/fix.

*****This is a temp fix for those who can’t use their USB or USB type-c. It may not work for everyone. I always recommend buying from somewhere you can return if it there are conflicts or issues.******

0:00 Video Start
0:15 Intro to USB Disconnecting Issue
1:02 NVMe M.2 Slot Issues
1:28 Temp fix workaround explained
2:08 Eluteng USB 3.1 PCIe Expansion Card 10Gbps
2:44 What to search for (Amazon Example)
5:02 PCIe Express 4x to 1x (if needed)
6:11 Gigabyte Thunderbolt 3 Example (if needed)
7:13 Logic on what to buy
7:55 Final Thoughts

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