Angelbird CFExpress Type B Cards have been a great card to use impressing me along the way more and more. The Angelbird CFExpress AV PRO Type B card version was released to compete for the Pro Consumers buying cameras like flagships and just under this rating for cameras like the R5 that need a CFExpress type B card at a fast speed to achieve fast photo frame rates. The price point of the Angelbird MK1 Type B card were reasonable with the CFExpress Type B Cards on the market. Recently the MK2 was released at better specs along with a better price point. Favorability is on the entry point cards especially with the SE and SX versions. With the high price points in the industry (at the time of this recording) these budget friendly prices give the opportunity for anyone to jump into a new cameras. The Angelbird CFExpress AV PRO Type B 1TB card is a photo and video card that can handle most camera’s witha minimum sustained speed of 1000MB/s. It is made for those professionals who require enough to get the job done. Angelbird does have a CFExpress XT type B card specific for professionals without a budget.

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