Angelbird CFExpress Type B Cards have been performing rather well. And at this price point no one will be anything but happy. The SE and SX were released to compete for the entry consumers buying cameras like the R5 that need a CFExpress type B card. With the high price points in the industry (at the time of this recording) these budget friendly prices give the opportunity for anyone to jump into a new cameras. The Angelbird CFExpress Type B 512 GB SE card is a video centric first card. It is made for those video enthusiasts but still delivers on the photos. The Angelbird CFExpress Type B 168GB SX card on the other hand is made for photo centric enthusiasts in mind who want to hit the top frame rate their camera can handle. Of course the space is not as big as the Pro versions but then again the price just makes it favorable for most.

Check out these videos:

CFExpress Type B Card: SanDisk vs AngelBird

No Sustained Write Speed? SanDisk CF Express Card Overheating Issue?

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