Fans Replaced! Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Case has some noisy fans. As such a replacement was in order. Arctic P12 PWM was not my first choice but since they did a great job with the Arctic AIO Cooler I thought why note. Although the case is nice, smooth and all around a good product, one has to question why the fans can’t be quieter. In an earlier review video I talked about the quirks of the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Case. The fans made a noise that was annoying. After a while it does get on ones nerves. As such, I found the opportunity to purchase the Arctic P12 PWM PST and Arctic P14 PWM case fans. Replacing them was simple and easy to do. I also went ahead and added cable extenders.

Overall, the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh case is good all around but replacing the fans is a must if you start to hear noise. System is moving optimally quiet.

0:00 Start
0:17 Product Cameo (Arctic P12 PWM, Arctic P14 PWM, Extenders)
1:38 Intro
2:15 Original Fan Tests
3:02 Arctic P14 PWM Fan Test
3:16 Arctic P12 PWM PST Fan test
4:06 Arctic P14 PWM Fan Test 2 (and full speed)
5:02 Replacement Sequence
5:52 Specifics with quirks of the case
7:00 Arctic Cooler 360 AIO push pull configuration
8:18 Air bubble issue (how to get rid of it)

Arctic P12 PWM PST Fan

Arctic P14 PWM Fan

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  1. You will not regret it but do take note once you ramp up at constant 1500rpm. You will hear whining noises. Anything above or below. You will be fine. P14/p12 pwm pst are excellent fans but the CO variant are even better ?

    Forget to mention these fans draw super duper less ampere compared to the rest of the branded fans and your PSU plus your motherboard fan header will be cool and happier too.

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