Best Teleprompter Size? 12 Inch vs 15 Inch? What is Best For You?

Teleprompter size review. Which is best between the 12 inch teleprompter vs 15 inch teleprompter is the question at hand.

In this review, I explain the difference as it relates to my opinion when it comes to different sizing of teleprompters, I explain why Amazon prices are so much lower from your local profession camera shop, and of course what I recommend.

Teleprompter software video coming soon.

These teleprompters come from GroFindx. A company that is my first. Overall, they went above and beyond to make sure I have the product they promised.

GroFindX 15 inch version

GroFindX 12 inch version

0:00 Comparing teleprompter sizes
0:40 How to attach a camera to a teleprompter
1:57 How big of a difference is a 12 inch teleprompter vs a 15 inch teleprompter
3:08 How much bigger is a 15 inch teleprompter
3:55 Amazon and teleprompters. How to find the best teleprompter
5:05 GroFindX Teleprompter – Best teleprompter for the money? Great Company?
6:07 Where are most teleprompters made? How to choose the best teleprompter?
7:40 Dedicated monitors or tablet or smartphone and software application
9:01 How to flip the screen horizontal (use Ultramon or Spacedesk)
9:45 Which teleprompter size is best? Use case? Meetings and big size vs Convenience and small size
10:50 Figure out what you will be using a teleprompter for before purchasing. Use case scenarios and does it fit your situation
12:10 Creating courses. My opinions and suggestions. Scripting, reading vs teaching.

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