Teleprompter size review. Which is best between the 12 inch teleprompter vs 15 inch teleprompter is the question at hand.

In this review, I explain the difference as it relates to my opinion when it comes to different sizing of teleprompters, I explain why Amazon prices are so much lower from your local profession camera shop, and of course what I recommend.

Teleprompter software video coming soon.

These teleprompters come from GroFindx. A company that is my first. Overall, they went above and beyond to make sure I have the product they promised.

GroFindX 15 inch version

GroFindX 12 inch version

0:00 Comparing teleprompter sizes
0:40 How to attach a camera to a teleprompter
1:57 How big of a difference is a 12 inch teleprompter vs a 15 inch teleprompter
3:08 How much bigger is a 15 inch teleprompter
3:55 Amazon and teleprompters. How to find the best teleprompter
5:05 GroFindX Teleprompter – Best teleprompter for the money? Great Company?
6:07 Where are most teleprompters made? How to choose the best teleprompter?
7:40 Dedicated monitors or tablet or smartphone and software application
9:01 How to flip the screen horizontal (use Ultramon or Spacedesk)
9:45 Which teleprompter size is best? Use case? Meetings and big size vs Convenience and small size
10:50 Figure out what you will be using a teleprompter for before purchasing. Use case scenarios and does it fit your situation
12:10 Creating courses. My opinions and suggestions. Scripting, reading vs teaching.

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