Reviewing the deals for black Friday and Cyber Monday can get emotional. I mean you expect to see some awesome Black Friday deals but two years in a row of let downs can be taxing. In this video we review the differed pc part deals available and what we should consider for the future. This video is geared towards creators and professionals. Pc parts we are looking at include NVME drives, CPU, Motherboards, RAM and video cards.

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  1. Well… I did get a Samsung 980Pro 2TB to switch out the 1TB 970EVO which will be a nice storage drive now. I've been watching this drive for a few months… waiting… waiting…. didn't get as low as I'd hoped… It give me butterflies thinking about the changes it will bring. And yeah, it's a bit of money… but then again, I'll probably be using it daily for years. So each time it runs super-fast and makes me happy, It'll be good!@

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