KW Aristotelis Greek School

In 2002, I began teaching the Adult Greek Language credit course.  With no teaching experience I began teaching adults the Greek language through my experience and knowledge. I quickly realized how influential I was in the classroom and my capabilities to teach subject matter.  My strengths certainly revolve around influence and creativity through knowledge. I was able to make an impact for more than four years.  The KW Greek School has catered to students of Greek descent for over 25 years and still strong.  Truly an opportunity of a life time!


In 2002, I started my post secondary career at WLU.  I began studies in computer Science and Electronics, taking courses in mathematics, business and computer programming.  I quickly became involved with several associations growing my knowledge in communications, arts, and volunteering.  I launched two successful associations, Students Helping Students and the WLU Hellenic Association.  My time at Laurier was a great experience where I met lifelong friends who were either students or faculty.  I would recommend WLU to any potential candidates for their programs.  I would advise them to take a chance and be involved in as many activities as possible. Truly was a great experience because of the people!