Buying a teleprompter can be easy yet hard at the same time. Especially if it is your first time. Taking into consideration why you need one, you would want to look at the size, the cost, the position and distance, and so on. Lots to look at.

If you are looking for a teleprompter for Youtube or you are looking for a teleprompter for zoom meetings the 12 inch teleprompter could be the size for you. I am testing a few from Grofindx. A company selling on Amazon because of course we are looking at budget.

0:00 Buying a teleprompter – 12 inch intro
0:35 Why you need a 12 inch teleprompter
1:14 Teleprompter and quality – GroFindX Teleprompter
2:13 Explanation of how a teleprompter works – Build and glass quality
3:23 Setting up the stand for a teleprompter
4:06 Setting up an iPad teleprompter or regular tablet – vertical and horizontal
5:00 Use case for teleprompter for zoom meetings
7:14 Buying a teleprompter pricing and what is worth it and what to look for
8:11 GroFindX Teleprompter and my experience in buying a 12 inch and 15 inch teleprompter (full reviews coming)

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