Buying Camera Equipment. Good vs Bad Advice

Buying camera equipment can be either a great fun experience or it could be a disappointing one. It could be a fun lasting purchasing experience where trust is created between the sales person and the vendor or it could be a devastating quick end. Often is the case that this will occur because of good or bad advice. Buying camera equipment should be a planned and thoughtful process based on needs, wants, and workflow. It should never be rushed. However, we often use the starting point for our research in buying camera equipment with the sales people who may not be that informed about workflow nor the equipment themselves. Our next step might be influencers and others online who may not be that informed about workflow nor the equipment themselves. Lastly, we will get advice for buying camera equipment from family, friends and people we work with.

The question is “what is your workflow?”. If you understand your workflow then you will make good lasting purchases. If you do not understand your workflow, your purchases will be regretful and often is the case, costly.

In this video I walk through the basics of workflow and look to put a more specific understanding on how you should look at purchases of camera equipment. The workflow and buying camera equipment go hand in hand. I will be making a course on this. Please let me know what you think should be in it in the comments.

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