Angelbird CF Express Type B Cards. SE, SX and Pro MK1

Angelbird CFExpress Type B Cards have been performing rather well. And at this price point no one will be anything but happy. The SE and SX were released to compete for the entry consumers buying cameras like the R5 that need a CFExpress type B card. With the high price points in the industry (at the time of this recording) these budget friendly prices give the opportunity for anyone to jump into a new cameras. The Angelbird CFExpress Type B 512 GB SE card is a video centric first card. It is made for those video enthusiasts but still delivers on the photos. The Angelbird CFExpress Type B 168GB SX card on the other hand is made for photo centric enthusiasts in mind who want to hit the top frame rate their camera can handle. Of course the space is not as big as the Pro versions but then again the price just makes it favorable for most.

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CFExpress Type B Card: SanDisk vs AngelBird

No Sustained Write Speed? SanDisk CF Express Card Overheating Issue?

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SanDisk 512GB CFExpress Card vs AngelBird CFExpress Card

SanDisk CF Express Card could be a better card. It could be but it is not what we should expect it to be. When looking at the SanDisk CFExpress card vs the AngelBird CFExpress card we really do see a signifant difference where one can argue that SanDisk has dropped the ball. That being said, it is a good card overall, however, in my opinion not worth the money.

If you are thinking significant investment with this SanDisk CFExpress card, in my opinion, there are other manufacturers that can do better. The comparison with the AngelBird CFExpress card shows as some key differences with how cards are made, how they handle heat, and of course, how they will handle the higher end camarages. Flagships do need better and at this price point SanDisk just doesn’t cut it.

AngelBird has been a great company to deal with. The products they have released come at a good price point and allow the end user to get some better opportunity at utilizing the newer cameras and their features. The AngelBird SE is a must at it’s price point even if it is just a back up card. In most cases this will be the go to card. The AngelBird SX although attractive in nature is simple to small for the size of the images that these new camaras demand. The speed is great but lets be real, the size just will not cut it. The Pro MK2 will be tested soon as I have ordered them. I do believe they will be the go to card for most professionals.

Images settings for test: 125 f2.8 6400

0:00 Intro
1:03 About the SanDisk CFExpress Type B Card
2:26 About the AngelBird CFExpress Type B Cards
4:01 Issues with the SanDisk CFExpress Type B Card
5:55 Crystal Disk Mark Tests Results
6:30 Transfer Speeds with Video
7:20 Images per Second
7:45 Number of images per buffer fill
7:58 Number of images in a 3 second Burst with Sandisk
8:25 Number of images in a 3 second Burst with AngelBird
9:02 Buffer recovery in seconds
10:30 SanDisk transfer slow downs
11:10 SanDisk Transfer slow downs with heat issues
12:39 AJA hot vs cold testing SanDisk CFExpress type B cards
13:30 SanDisk support communication
16:30 AngelBird CFexpress type B card transfers
17:20 AJA hot vs cold testing AngelBird CFExress type b cards
19:50 Review of the different AngelBird CFExpress type B cards
21:50 My thoughts on SanDisk CFExpres Type B Cards
23:37 How we should think about buying or investing into CFExpress cards
24:50 How to think about investing into the right product

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No Sustained Write Speed? SanDisk CF Express Card Overheating Issue?

SanDisk once again disappoints with the CF Express Card this time around. The biggest issue is the lack of sustained write speed with this SanDisk CF Express card. Considering there are issues with overheating and unpredictable slow downs I would have to agree with them to not advertise any sustained write speed.

That being said, I will review the SanDisk CF Express card and compare it with the AngelBird CF Express cards.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Am I keeping the card?
1:25 SanDisk doesn’t know the CF Express card sustained speed
2:01 Overheating causes unpredictable issues
2:32 Testing shows a slow down when the card overheats
3:07 What is the sustained speed of SanDisk CF Express card?
3:55 AJA System Test normal temperature
4:18 AJA System Test over heated
4:50 Is SanDisk CF Express good for video with cameras? Flagship?
5:47 Price point is too high for the CF Express cards by SanDisk

Boxing Day Deals Camera Edition 2021

Happy Boxing Day 2021! Many deals out there for camera equipement. I will be focusing on the camera bodies of Canon R5, Canon R6, Canon R, Canon DSLR like Canon 6D Mark ii and the Canon 90D. The conversation will be about future thinking and how to make a better decision on the purchases we should be making as business and creative types!

We will also discuss CFexpress cards, SD Cards UHS-II along with Angelbird CFexpress card explanation and Prograde CFexpress card explanation.

Canon EOS R5 CFexpress and the SanDisk 512GB Card. First Thoughts.

This video looks at the Canon EOS R5 and the CFexpress card requirements. It looks at the idea behind Sandisk CFexpress 512GB card and if it is worth to even look at. If you are looking for a CFexpress card for your new camera don’t be alarmed when you get confused on all the information coming at you. Picking the right CFexpress card for you and your workflow on your new camera can be a challenge especially if you have a budget to maintain. The Canon EOS R5 has a CFexpress card and a SD card slot. Thus, you have to do double the work with your research.

I Bought the Canon R5. Time to Test. Questions?

I finally bought the Canon r5 and it is the Canon R we were looking for. Testing is starting immediately and yes, I am sitting in 28 degree weather in the studio to test overheating issues. It’s moving along well.

Being that I will do tests, I am making this video to ask for people’s questions that they might not be able to find easily online. Things that are over missed and of course things that need to be tested.

This isn’t a first impressions video but rather the q an a call out along with my initial thoughts.

How to Buy Memory Cards.  CF Express vs SD Card Buying Guide

Buying memory cards can be a chore and a half. It is annoying at best. So many types of memory cards with so many different camera requirements. As I upgrade to Canon R5 and Canon R6 I review the steps anyone should take on how to buy memory cards and of course recap the CF express type b and SD UHS-II cards.

Canon R5 and R6 along with a Sony. The Future Looks Lovely

The canon R5 and R6 was announced. Sony is on the way and Blackmagic announced its 12k. How can the future look anything but lovely. It is an exciting time indeed. This is my opinion on the future and why I feel everything is looking like happy happy happy.

Canon R has been a blessing and the R5 and R6 being on the way will definitely be in the running. Just need to figure out how bad the overheating is, which by my preliminary thoughts, isn’t that bad considering 4k 24 frames should be no problem.

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