I went cheap with a QPIX 35mm film scanner and wow I am happy I can return it. Cheap 35mm film scanners should do a descent job especially when they list 22MP. That’s the expectation. After reading reviews and thinking it will be good enough, the results were abysmal. Scanning old photos, 35mm film and 135mm film was an epic fail. This was a stupid buy for sure!

The QPIX quality was something that my 2002 scanner could do better and that is just not good enough for 2022. It’s an old technology that needs to be avoided.

0:00 Intro
1:06 About the QPIX Photo Scanner
2:28 What’s in the QPIX photo scanner box?
3:48 How the QPIX Photo scanner works?
4:42 How good is the quality of the QPIX photo scanner?
6:24 Researching and buying the QPIX photo scanner?
7:12 Reviews on Amazon and why we be more careful with reviews
9:10 Should you buy a QPIX photo scanner? Or buy a high end scanner?

Digital Film & Photo Scanner Multi-Function Combo Scanner with HD 22MP:


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