Cloudways has been a good managed cloud hosting platform and I can say it will serve many people great. It is a solution for the run and gun non techie type of person who is trying to grow their craft or business. Scalability is easy and convenient. When you need to grow, Cloudways has you covered. Support has been top notch although sometimes you will have to be hyper specific to get your answer or else you won’t get the full detail.

I would recommend this for startups and growing businesses along with anyone needing a managed solution. The price point is a tad high but you are basically paying for all their in house solutions.

The biggest con has to be that you can’t edit files through the Cloudways platform. You literally need to use FileZilla. Another con is that the support will not help you if you are trying to do something with other server connections or simply trying to download your database and import into cpanel.

Using them for several years now I can recommend them for a managed cloud hosting solution.

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0:00 Intro
2:01 What is Cloudways managed cloud hosting solution?
3:20 What it the pricing for Cloudways?
5:07 Should I build my own custom website or use a service like square space?
6:15 What does the back end look like?
6:45 What is an application on Cloudways
7:51 How to know when to scale my resources on Cloudways?
9:18 How easy is it to scale my resources on Cloudways?
10:01 Is the pricing worth it?
10:57 How good is the support with Clouways?
13:05 Is there a file management system to edit code on Cloudways?
14:02 How knowledgeable is the support with Cloudways?
15:51 How to export your WordPress SQL database for cpanel or another server.
18:10 My recommendation on using Cloudways
19:45 Security, budget, and picking Cloudways vs Multiple Servers
21:32 We need to think about insurance when picking hosting services

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