Does RAM speed make a difference with rendering videos in Premier Pro or other software? Does it make or break the experience? Should you buy better RAM or stick with what you have? Should you spend more money or less?

In this video I review a few Premier Pro Timelines that I have rendered with different speeds of RAM to see the difference and if it is worth the hassle to buy or overclock RAM for creators and their software.

0:00 Intro
0:23 About this Video, RAM Kit speeds and Premier Pro
1:27 Video Timelines Explained
1:55 Speed Render Results With Overclocked GPU
2:23 Speed Render Results Without Overclocked GPU
5:26 CPU Intensive Timeline Explained Further
6:41 Reviewing Types of RAM to buy
9:53 Budget most important? Why I Bought G.Skill instead of Crucial
10:44 Motherboard and speeds? Issues?
13:10 Intel vs AMD RAM? Can you mix these?
14:01 Final Thoughts

Note* I went with G.SKill Tridentz Neo 128GB 3600MHz CL18

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How Much RAM Do You Need | My Experience Content Creation

My PC build is an AMD 5900x, 128GB RAM, NVIDIA 3060Ti

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