Expectations are built based on how we perceive information not just from creators but the whole lot of people trying to bring their perspective into the picture. Often times we purchase products that are just not up to par either because they are not or because our expectations were built up to high and the let down was to great.

In this video we look at the idea behind this thought process, the discussion behind how the narrative is playing out, and of course some steps on how to make better purchases.

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  1. Keep your reviews honest. I like how you go and buy a whole line of RAMM and then test and make a video, keep the best one and send the rest back. I think that's clever and keeps you more like Consumer Reports.
    Congrats on busting a thousand recently…. and now it's going even faster!
    BTW, I swapped my 3900x out for a 5950X and even though I was happy then, I'm overjoyed now!

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