The Firecuda 530 2TB SSD NVMe drive is fast. I mean super fast. The drive hit over 7000MB/s on the read and close to 7000MB/s on the write. So I can’t complain on the speed. However, I had some issues in day three and it looks like a caching issue with the Firecude 530.

Again, my workflow is transferring big data between the drives. I have 2 SN850 1TB drives and a 2TB SN850. There have never been any caching issues. So the addition of this Seagate Firecude 530 2TB would work well in the workflow. So we had to test it out and see the results before keeping it. After transferring massive data there were some major issues where on day three we saw a big issue with the write.

I will be redoing more tests after I format the computer and make sure the tests are done to spec. Hopefully it isn’t a drive issue or a caching issue. I’m really loving the drive otherwise. Subscribe to see the video in a few weeks.

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