Let’s see… we are in a new start up… four of us together… we are all working but one person puts in all the hours… while the others do what they can… some of us have to put in the extra ten yards… is this you?

Over the years I have put in many hours into all my start ups. Money has been made and things have been great. I am where I want to be; starting businesses and making money!

But it is sometimes difficult to work with people. They don’t always understand the time and commitment it takes to make things happen. They believe that they are doing enough and beauty sleep is needed. When I am in a start up, the fact is, I don’t sleep. Whether it is the time it takes for me to do things to cut down on cost or whether it is the fact I am so pumped up that I can’t stop to sleep, I am always working.

People don’t always understand it. Most will never understand it. Fact is that I like what I do. It is easy and it flows.

How do I justify putting in extra time, above and beyond everyone else? Simple, I don’t care. Why? I have to make it work. I simply don’t fail! This mentality, I believe, has brought me to the place where I am today.

I run a marathon, plain and simple.

While most are sleeping, I am working on one thing or another… there is always something that needs to get done.

Small businesses are like this. You need to analyze what you are good at, what you lack at and pick what and whom you need to bring in. If you are in a partnership, well clearly one may think they are doing more than the other. I let those emotions bounce of me… there’s no time for it.

But it’s not fair you say?

Isn’t a marriage this way? Analyzing and nit picking at small things need to be set aside.  For me it’s about success… I have to succeed!

Complaining about who does more will not matter in the long run. The goal is success and doing whatever is needed to succeed.

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