The most popular asked question. How much RAM do you need? Specifically for content creation software and big applications. How much RAM do you need for video editing and other high end complicated software is the common question as everyone has their own opinion. In this video we look at how much RAM do you need for video editing and content creation software specifically Premier Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom and Light Room CC. My goal is to show examples of relevant information I wish I had when I was deciding on my purchase of 64GB vs 128GB or RAM and the software I use so that it can help you make a better more informed decision before spending money. Investing in the right RAM size is preferable.

To be completely blunt 64GB is the sweet spot and minimum for a good experience. 128GB is a benefit that will make you happy you spent the money.

If you are a video gamer, go for the fastest RAM along with 32GB if you are multitasking or 16GB if it is just for gaming. But if you you are serious about content creation then 64GB will be much more beneficial for the high end software.

Speed times will not effect you as much when we get into 64GB and 128GB or RAM requirements for the big software. Make sure you buy at least 3600 MHz CL18 sticks for AMD systems.

0:00 Start
0:16 Intro to Video 64GB vs 128GB
1:15 My RAM Purchase
1:48 Load Times Premier Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom CC
2:48 Loading 650 GB of Video into Premier Pro
3:21 Multi Cam in Premier Pro 725 GB and 3 Camera
4:19 Processed Peak Files vs Non Processed Peak Files
5:20 Does 64GB vs 128GB make a difference for Premier Pro?
6:30 Loading 3000 plus photos into Lightroom CC and RAM performance
7:14 Windows and storage drive while indexing
7:51 GPU processing? 8GB vs 10GB?
8:19 My recommendation with my experience and workflow
9:38 My thoughts with 64GB vs 128 GB with one software
10:10 Upgrades and bottle neck thought process
11:05 Research and really get what you need

I answer a lot of questions in the following video:

Buying Ram? Answers to Questions Before Buying RAM

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