Filling out the YouTube AdSense Tax form can be a pain for most people. The step by step approach to fill out the tax form can be easy for some while for others the detail is in the specifics. YouTube AdSense will keep up to 30% of your earnings and give it to the IRS. You can still get it at tax time but it is another process all together and should be avoided.

There are two options of course. One is for personal where you are not a business. There is also the entity which is a corporation or other legal entry option. I am making this video to show steps for both types and servers as a guide.

You should do a walk through the YouTube AdSense tax form to see what information you will need. You should then collect all the information and complete the process as there is a time limit and you will have to restart. It does not show you this time limit.

It took me a few times to get this done as some of the advice I got from legal and accountant tax specialist was different than what was wanted with YouTube AdSense when it comes to the DBA or doing business as. I explain this in this video and show you how YouTube AdSense team communicates with you if you are not approved.

This servers as a guide and is not advice. You should get legal and accounting tax advice from a professional specific to your needs.

0:00 Intro on how YouTube tax works with Corporations
1:42 should I incorporate my business
2:47 difference between sole proprietorship and corporation
4:00 How to fill out YouTube AdSense tax form for personal
6:40 How to fill out YouTube AdSense tax form for Non-individual or entity
7:48 What is DBA and how is DBA used with corporations
8:32 Which W-8BEN form should I choose
10:07 Foreign Tax Identification Number is you business number
11:08 Tax Treaty Limitation on Benefits (“LOB”) explained
13:22 How to select the right treaty articles and treaty rates
14:55 Are your services performed in the USA?
15:33 Approved screen
16:00 What if I don’t get approved with YouTube AdSense
17:05 Understanding difference between legal name name and account name with YouTube Adasen
18:10 Steps to restarting the process with YouTube AdSense
19:10 Get advice from a lawyer and accountant on the process to incorporate and grow your business
20:06 Why is it worth joining online business groups
20:53 How I am creating my community and what you should look for in a an online business group community

What is a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)? />
Tax Treaty Limitation on Benefits (“LOB”) & Form W8-BEN-E

Federal Withholding Tax for Foreign Nationals

U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number Requirement

Tax Treaty Tables

Canada – Tax Treaty Documents


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