Getting to 1000 subscribers is challenging. Figuring out how to get to 1000 subscribers is the most challenging part. Once you figure out a pattern it starts to get easier. However, figuring out how to get to 1000 subscribers is not quick and certainly not an overnight type of thing. Each channel is unique and the niche usually dictates the process. That pattern present’s itself in due time.

In this video we look at how to get 1000 subscribers in less than a year by analyzing the mindset. First and foremost mindset is king. We will look at the stats and the technical aspects in future videos so do subscribe.

0:00 Intro
1:26 About this video, thank you and emotional aspects
2:25 Step to 1000 Subscribers is Community and Analysis
8:06 Finding viewer pain points in your niche
10:50 Personality is critical to grow your channel
14:35 Authenticity? What really is it?
16:20 Intent in the direction of the channel
17:35 Video idea will come naturally
20:05 Passion and direction of the channel
21:30 Planning is the most important part for direction
23:01 Rules and factors of changes
23:50 Mindset and progress or growth
26:30 Reacting vs Responding to other people’s success
28:02 Being Accountable is the winning factor in all of this
29:22 Change in 2022 and opportunity
33:31 Overview of how to get 1000 subscribers in 2022
34:31 Thank you to everyone

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