Ever wondered how hard it is to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube? Ever wondered what it takes to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube? There is the mindset aspect and of course the statistical aspect to growing a channel. Of course they both relate. I would argue the mindset is more critical than the analytics. However, we need both and of course we can see evidence of the mindset in the analytics.

In this video we review the analytics aspect of growing your YouTube channel. How to grow your youtube channel in 2022 and how to reach 1000 subscribers in 2022 is doable and definitely worth it.

How to get your first 1000 subscribers is just around the corner.

How to Get 1000 Subscribers in 1 year (2022). The Mindset Video

0:00 Intro – how to grow your channel with building community
2:01 Analytics 1 year views patterns
4:40 How to pick the right videos for your channel
5:40 Audience stats and when is the best time to post on YoutTube?
7:20 How long should you make your YouTube videos?
8:55 Viewer retention – Are time stamps important on YouTube?
12:15 Does personality matter in YouTube videos? It’s in the stats
16:02 Should you focus on quality or quantity when making Youtube Videos
16:55 Subscribers per video thought process
18:48 Steps to take when starting
21:34 Making critical changes to your channel based on stats
23:38 New focus of the channel and my plan

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