In this video I review how to get your first 500 subscribers. Might thoughts on what you can do, what to focus on, and how to switch perspective into a winning mindset. These are based on my experience of having tried and failed at a few channels and finally getting into a rhythm with this channel. I have helped several other channels along the way. This process became more evident to apply to my new channel. Let’s see what could work for you too!

0:05 Intro
0:45 Question 1 – Do I need expensive equipment?
1:40 Questions 2 – Do you need a schedule?
3:36 Question 3 – Should I be taking online courses?

5:23 Tip 1 – Advertising the channel
7:44 Tip 2 – Work on passion to increase quality
9:51 TIP #3
– Setup attainable
goals. Focus on Direction!!!
11:27 TIP #4 –
Personality is
14.27 TIP #5
– Focus on building

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