Installing a new NVMe SSD in a laptop is often thought as of as a job for the professionals. However, installing an NVMe SSD in a laptop should be a skill set we all have. Why? because you never know what will happen and knowing how to install an NVMe SSD in a laptop can make or break your opportunity to save your day. In this video we look at the idea of how to install a NVMe SSD in a laptop first for clean installs and secondly by migrating the data to the new device not having to re-install windows in the process.

Disclaimer: Check your warranty before starting. Check that you have backed up your data before starting.

0:00 Start
0:23 Intro
0:58 About opening a laptop: I open my Dell XPS 9570
2:24 The insides of the laptop: RAM, WIFI, M.2 SSD NVMe
2:50 Uninstalling the NVMe
3:11 Re-Installing the NVMe
3:25 Why buy an aftermarket NVMe to replace factory stock in a laptop
5:10 Heat and thermal pads explained
5:39 Warranty Disclaimer and Explanation
6:35 Downloading Windows and Installing Explanation (not walk through) avoid installing original factory reset
7:00 Cloning the drives. Migrate data to new NVMe Drive. I am showing example of Samsung Magician Migration Tool. Depending on manufacture you may need Acronis or other
7:45 External device needed. Explanation of the external case.
8:40 How much time does it take?
9:33 Remove Bit Locker if you get an error
9:47 Other issues, Use Windows Update
10:19 If the there is an error? Can’t read the drive? Hard Drive Manager
10:41 What if we have more NVMe or SSD in the laptop?
11:24 Why is this a good skill set and why do we need to do this upgrade?
14:05 Using the old drive for an external USB device- How we use it for content creation projects
15:17 How to think about purchasing the right drive

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Step by Step Guide by Electronics&Computers using Mini Tool Partition instead of Samsung Magician Migration Tool:

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