Kyra Ottier is a model, producer and events coordinator. Her goals are intertwined with the creative community of Toronto, Ontario. As such creating fun little splash videos and continually updating her portfolio and social media is critical to the success of her career. As we work to create the story of the Mystery Art Talent show we are helping her develop that personal brand that will help build the image of success she is looking for.




To create a fun shoot during the Christmas season at Toronto Distillery Christmas Theme Season. Including small clips of video (handheld) with images around the lights. Creativity of shots was the name of the game in order to find the best lighting for future work. A urban rustic feeling was the final goal of the video with some soft images to accompany the video.


Video is a set of small clips combined together to create a story line for Kyra’s happy personality. Her smile tells the story and the lighting is what brings out characteristics of the mood she sets.

What Was Challenging:

Again weather. This time it was able to find lighting in the -20 degree weather that will enable us to keep the redness of the cheeks, nose and hands to a bare minimum for editing.