WD SN850 NVEM Gen 4 SSD Drive fresh install and first impressions. This video walks us through the physical install and of course a few tests to see how this matches up with the Sabrent Rocket Plus NVME Gen 4 drive. The Western Digital has had to play catch up in this space and the last few years, although they had their ups and downs, seem to have hit it out of the park with their Black Series drives. My first impressions with some tests should give us a good direction before we start to really test this 2TB drive.

0:00 intro and explanation
1:09 Install Cameo
2:22 Install advice
2:50 Speed Tests Comparisons
5:55 WD Black Series Purchase Options
8:28 WD Black Features talk and Heat Sink needed?
11:02 Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus Comparison
11:57 Samsung 980 Pro Comparison
12:41 Personal Opinion on What to Buy
13:52 Closing Remarks and Future Tests

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