Teleprompters can come in different sizes and often is the case that a 15 inch monitor might be exactly what you need. Depending on the use case scenario, a 15 inch monitor can make or break your experience. If you are looking for a good solid teleprompter without breaking the bank, amazon is the place to go to. That being said, not all are alike.

In this video we look at the idea of 15 inch teleprompters, what to look for and how to make a good purchase.

I am testing a few from Grofindx. A company selling on Amazon because of course we are looking at budget.

0:00 Buying a teleprompter – 15 inch intro
0:50 Why you need a 15 inch teleprompter
1:20 Features to look for on bigger 15 inch teleprompters
3:40 Using a table top light stand tripod
4:20 How big is a 15 inch teleprompter?
5:00 How I use my teleprompter. My teleprompter setup.
6:10 Why is a 15 inch teleprompter good?
7:05 Recommendations of “should I buy a 15 inch teleprompter?”

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