Cinematic Forest B-Roll testing with the Zhiyun Weebill S. This quick cinematic video was an individual effort to get my creative juices going. Two camera setup and ready to go!


The original goal was to create a sequence of clips using the Weebill S. The idea here was to use Zhiyun Transmitter to track me making it look like a second shooter was present. Another video will be made to explain the transmitter’s pros and cons but clearly it wasn’t as good as I originally had hoped for. Most of the shots were made with the second camera and added movement in the editing.


Was crated with the intention to make a Cinematic Motivational video to help creators and entrepreneurs put the fear away and get moving. The camera’s used were entry level so that we can show that you don’t need the best equipment to produce something of quality.

What was challenging:

Testing too much technology at once. The Zhiyun Weebill S did a great job however, the transmitter did not live up to expectations. Mind you it is new technology and I don’t blame them. This shoot was done over 3 days. Very happy with the results.