A laptop upgrade can be easy. Research is the critical step. Understanding how to pick the right SSD and RAM is critical. Laptops are limited to the design of the manufacture and thus we need to do the leg work before we start diving in and buy what we think is right. Price plays an important role in upgrading your laptop. We need to look at it in terms of timeline of the laptop, potential upgrade, budget and future purchases. Knowing all of this can help us make a good decision when making the choice to upgrade our laptop or purchase a new one.

0:00 Start
0:18 Intro
1:13 Viewer Question for upgrading a laptop
1:54 General Answer
2:16 STEP 1: Crucial Website Search and Understanding Results
6:05 STEP 2: Manufacture Search Specs
11:56 STEP 3: Find an upgrade video for your laptop
12:40 Gen 3 vs Gen 4
13:58 Amazon Search for NVMe SSD Drives
16:29 Amazon Search for SSD SATA 2.5 Inch Drives
17:37 SLC, MLC, TCL or QLC?
18:09 Amazon Search for RAM
19:28 Final thoughts and things to think about

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