My gen 4 NVMe SSD all drive upgrade experience has been nothing short but wonderful. I tested several drives before purchasing all WD SN850 Gen 4 Pcie 4 drives. While thinking through my workflow I purchase 2 x 1TB and one 2 TB drives. In my work flow I am able to transfer data at a high rate that I am more than happy to see each and every day that I work on my PC.

In this video I review the gen 4 upgrade, the pros and cons I am experiencing along with the questions you should be asking before upgrading.

0:00 Start
0:15 Introduction
1:00 Explanation of Workflow
1:35 Average Storage with Workflow
2:40 Speed and Issues with m.2 second slot Asus Tuff Gaming Pro x570 Board
3:18 Speeds I am getting M.2 first slot
3:50 Speeds with M.2 second slot
4:09 Firmware Updates with WD SN850 and all drives
5:35 My Experience overall
8:03 Current Pricing and how I think about the purchase Canada Computers Example
7:05 Current Pricing and how I think about the purchase Microcenter 2TB Example
9:17 Overall thoughts and recommendations

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Nikos. another good review and I believe content creators out there will greatly appreciate what you've done. again you are one hack of a true reviewer.. am glad I sub to learn more from you 🙂 thanks buddy.

  2. hey bro do you know a good pci gen 4.0 x4 adapter for nvme drives for a smaller price? I just bought a ASUS ProArt B550-CREATOR and see it only have one m.2 gen 4 port, and would like to use the 2nd pci express port for an adapter to use 4.0 speeds. Bought 2 sn 850 2tb drives and want to use them both full speeds.. Your videos is amazing btw you deserve millions of subscribers, i actually thought you would have 100s of thousands of subs your quality is too goooood…

  3. Nice review and very informative ?. Thanks for addressing brining up these PCIe and NVMe/M.2 concerns and case scenarios. I’m an Asus motherboard user and also have WD-Black. I believed at one point that my motherboard was faulty, but unfortunately didn’t notice that until I finally used the secondary M.2 bay. Now I know I’m not crazy and can plan for when upgrading my setups/rigs. Keep the good work man. ??

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