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Nikos Blog? What is it and why I write!

The Nikos

I am Nikos. I am strong and brilliant and have a strong sense of who I am, what I need and what I want. This being said, I know a lot about myself and I am continually learning about life! I am most intrigued by people around me, who they are and what they do, and so on.

I look at things differently than others and I always wonder why. I have a thought process different than most and I believe I am lucky to have an opinion in a country where I can shout it out!

My life has not been on a straight road like some and has not been on a zigzag pattern either. It has been filled with great and bad times where I wondered why am I lucky to have this happen to me (noticed I said lucky on both the good and bad).

I am neither a positive person nor a negative person. I see life as is and searching for acceptance. I have beliefs in God, the universe and all that is mighty. I also believe in human nature hence, my opinion gets distorted between what is and what isn’t right on a society level. Some say I don’t care. Some say I care way too much.

The blogs of Nikos are written to show the people who read it that life is not status quo, life is not your own world, life is not what everyone says it to be.  I see things that beg the question “Why?” and I look to answer it.

My process is simple, if it is stupid (irrational) then I will write about it. I hope one day that the stupid (irrational person) will read it! My views are not to harm anyone and are not meant to ruin society’s norm but to question (feeling like Socrates here).

My writings are written as I think. They will be written to influence and to help people who want to change. People who want to live. People who want to believe in a better world that is freedom!

I will make spelling mistakes, I will make language mistakes (after all not my first language) and I will often say stuff that is out of line. Don’t be alarmed it is normal. If you think I am yelling, it is just my passion coming out. If I say try something, don’t take it literally and then come back complaining (or suing). I hold no responsibility. I am not responsible for you what so ever. In fact no one is. It is all up to you… if you want to debate me, perfect! That’s what I want, a good conversation questioning the norm!

Also, look at my postings on presentations, services, companies and more… I am here to help, coach and mentor people

Check out and for more information on my work!

That being said let’s start!

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  1. Lucie Fournier
    Lucie Fournier says:

    Hey Nikos,

    I didn’t realize you had a blog. Here is my opinion about what you wrote –

    If you follow everyone, you will be an average personamong a crowd of people. In order to be fully appreciated for all your qualities, you must stand out from the crowd. Not everyone will appreciate what you have to say or what you do, and it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. I can sincerely admire someone who doesn’t follow the norm – after all, life is about living it the way YOU were meant to live it. No other opinion matters.


  2. nikos
    nikos says:

    Hi Lucie!

    yes! back at blogging! restructuring the blogs to accommodate the rest of the websites… will be bring up Project Management, Social Media, Marketing, Business Development and Apps through all the sites! Lots of work to be done!

    On another note, you are right! Opinions don’t matter. People fall in this misconception that they must follow the the norm. Takes time to develop this freedom! I believe it has to do with fear of failure and fear of self. People don’t take risks as they are worried that they will lose what they have… Further that, self esteem in the new generation is built on what people think and not what “I” the person living the life thinks!

    Its a jail I think society has created to help it move forward and constrict growth to what the economy can handle!!!


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