SanDisk once again disappoints with the CF Express Card this time around. The biggest issue is the lack of sustained write speed with this SanDisk CF Express card. Considering there are issues with overheating and unpredictable slow downs I would have to agree with them to not advertise any sustained write speed.

That being said, I will review the SanDisk CF Express card and compare it with the AngelBird CF Express cards.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Am I keeping the card?
1:25 SanDisk doesn’t know the CF Express card sustained speed
2:01 Overheating causes unpredictable issues
2:32 Testing shows a slow down when the card overheats
3:07 What is the sustained speed of SanDisk CF Express card?
3:55 AJA System Test normal temperature
4:18 AJA System Test over heated
4:50 Is SanDisk CF Express good for video with cameras? Flagship?
5:47 Price point is too high for the CF Express cards by SanDisk

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  1. Nice Video , a good point raised by you. If you could have dedicated test video that could have better comparing it with other competition and would give a lot more credibility than screenshot. Keep up the good work!!!

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