First video on this channel is for Joshua C Love. Creator with huge talent and skill set in making great music. I am nominating him for the Cody Wanner Challenge for Vid Summit 2019 as he more than deserves it!

Joshua C Love

The dynamically enthusiastic composer/vocalist/producer, Joshua C Love (Proximity Butterfly) is known for his explosive and tenderly enchanting compositions and performances. After releasing 5 LPs, 2 EPs and singles across China over the past decade with Modern Sky (Beijing), Maybe Mars (Beijing) and CaoTai Music (Chengdu/Beijing), Love, touring incessantly through Asia and Australia, was named Featured Upcoming Artist by Hong Kong’s Rolling Stone magazine. JCL has performed live on CCTV-9, CCTV-1, Sichuan Television (SCTV) and in 2017 was featured on QQ’s Tencent Live to over 9 million viewers.

Joshua C Love youtube:

Connect on twitter: @JCLOVEOfficial

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  1. we're so lucky to be to find inspiring creative people who are very totally awesome souls to work with and collaborate w/. JC Love will continue to see fantastic successes. great video man. glad you got it done. hope cody sees it too.

  2. I really appreciate the work you put into this video, @nikos. Your work is more important than you think. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you and being a part of this growing creative collective.

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