Building a computer in 2021 has been a pain. Well, at least for anyone who tried it. The question with Black Friday around the corner comes down to, is it worth the hassle? In this video I talk about going for it vs waiting. Why you would or why you wouldn’t build a new PC.

This video is made fore the creatives and proffessionals in mind. Of course, the thoughts apply to everyone. With new tech around the corner, the question really is about the time and most importantly money!

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  1. Thanks for the discussion buddy. Your content getting more and more interesting.

    I will only start to build a pc when I really needs it. If building, It will be at that point of time, I will decide what to get base on what’s latest. Once got it, I will just use it till 4 to 5 years. Though I do keep up with technology but I have self discipline. The key to this is, as what you’ve mention, is there a need. If it’s a want, save that wants for 4 to 5 years or use that sum to do some endowment insurance plans (example 2 years captial return with interest). By 4 to 5 years time, you have more or surplus for upgrades.

    Besides this, is best not to cheap out on a good PSU 1k watt with 12 years warranty. Try to get large size SSDs or M.2. As for case. If there is a budget case with features, just grab it. To be honest I did regret getting premium cases as some budget cases does the same job. Anyway by the time to do upgrades, you can reuse them and if dislike your case. You can sell it cheap and replace with a new budget case. To be honest, most of my upgrades only involve in 1) processor 2) rams 3) motherboard. The rest I will reuse my old parts.

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