Questions keep coming up on is it worth buying this or that when it comes to technology and other needs or wants for your business, creative work or hobbies. The idea of this video is to talk about my experience on purchases and regrets, how I purchase things, how I create my budget, how I make decisions so regrets don’t distract me from the end game. The idea is about time, energy and money, the budget and how it all fits the narrative of my short and long term planning.

This video is for business people, creative people and hobbies who always struggle on buying gear and tech for their business.

0:00 Intro
0:15 Purchasing With Logic
1:00 Time, Energy and Money explained
2:49 NVIDIA 3060ti example
4:40 Investing vs Spending
6:02 Questions I get and patience

I will make more of these videos as the questions keep coming in so please drop your question below and I will create a video for it.

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