Does latency really matter? Does it matter for creators and bigger software? People have asked me about RAM speed and Latency comparisons when it comes to creators and heavy usage software like video editing and rendering. In this video I review the different latency opportunities with buying RAM and how we can make better buying choices. Typically we have two options with AMD systems. CL16 3200 MHz or CL18 3600 MHz. Of course these can be overclocked to nth degree. The question is, how much is it worth it. Does it bring life changing speed for us as content creators and is it worth the money?

Again, lets remember we are probably as creators buying 64GB to 128GB Kits which means we are spending (or investing) big dollars. Thus, this video is more about a better purchasing decision. The tests are based on 64GB (32GB x 2) as it is easier to overclock compared to 128GB(32GB x4).

In the review I will specifically show how RAM speed and latency differ when overclocking and underclocking a chipset I have. This should put into perspective what you want vs what you need and how overthinking this is a waste of time in most cases.

Stick to your budget!

0:00 Intro
0:40 Review of Speeds 2666MHz to 3800 MHz render
1:35 About Overclocking and about RAM compatibility
2:30 DRAM Calculator and Random Latency Results (2666MHz, 3200MHz, 3600MHz, 3800Mhz)
4:53 Explanation of Results and My Perspective
5:28 Kits and how to review information/pricing and options
7:08 Budget and how to make a right decision

Note* I went with G.SKill Tridentz Neo 128GB 3600MHz CL18

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My PC build is an AMD 5900x, 128GB RAM, NVIDIA 3060Ti

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  1. Man, you're doing a LOT of research! I just got my G.Skill 3600 CL18 into the new MoBo yesterday and stuck the 5950x and the big cooler on. The old rig looks great in the Torrent, but those 5 fans are so good at cooling the Torrent that I spent a couple days with the empty BeQuiet case changing the PSU and fans over, removing the shroud to expose that purdy Seasonic Prime…. and add two fans to the bottom. I now have 9 intake fans on that behemoth. Just a few wires to connect, and download Windows…. butterfly time! But I am sure taking my time building this. Getting it down to near perfection. It's nice building a good rig when you still have another one running.
    You're doing everything perfect on building the channel. Super-good content worthy of watching through fully to the end, and re-watching a few times to digest it.
    Great thumbnails.
    Audio is perf3ect… the video is perfect with great editing….. no man, you're gonna be one the top-dawgs one day!
    There's a snowball effect. They say the first thousand takes longer than the next three thousand, and that takes longer than the next 5k, and the next ten k is hard compared to the second 100,000. You'll reach the level soon that you're gonna get a #%$^&-ton of views sent your way.
    I like also that you focus a lot on the creator aspect, not just gamers, but you don't leave them out either.
    Good content. We all like it!

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