Just a quick video on reaching 500 subscribers and a big thank you to everyone. A lot of support from a lot of people. I will be moving forward to create more content as I connect and build a great community. The goal to make this channel support and help people with their content creation and business is on it’s way!

Check out personal creative website: https://nikosrentas.com?
Check out my Business website: https://mentorsapproach.com?
Check out my Mentorsapproach channel: https://www.youtube.com/mentorsapproach

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  1. Dude, you're doing great! Your next 500 will be easier than the first 100.
    My new 5950x on the Unify-X with the 64GB G.Skill 3600MHz is really kicking ass!
    Here's that new video with the 4k. Just released, took almost two weeks to process. https://youtu.be/grnOwbg0M9g
    As far as the direction of the channel…. keep doing what you've been doing. Buying a half dozen types of ram to test, sending them back and sticking with the best one… the one we'll likely pick too!
    We need 'content creator' stuff, not gamer stuff. You and a few others fill the bill for that. Continue in that vein and I expect you'll be at thousands before the end of the year. When it starts to pick up it'll go fast, and you'll be on the top of the wave!

  2. I have found you when i search about asus ax86u and synology nas before I bought them , and seen you talk very nice about things , and I'm surprised why you don't have thousands of subscribers , but I'm sure you will have 🙂

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