Testing chargers for my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. So many to choose from but what is best…

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00:00 Introduction
00:43 My workflow and battery life with the S22 Ultra
03:03 Heat is an issue with charging the S22 Ultra
05:32 Minix 100W Turbo Charge
06:09 Check the PPS 3.0 is on the charger!
06:57 SyncWure 67w
08:19 Car Chargers
08:41 Baseus Car Charger
10:47 What is best? Buy and test

My Favourite charger:
140W PD3.1 USB C Charger, Aftertop GaN III 3-Port PD 100W QC22.5W Super Fast Charger

Syncwire USB C Charger, 67W

MINIX 100W Turbo 4-Port GaN Wall Charger 2

120W USB C Car Charger

VOLTME 140W USB C Charger, PD3.1 PPS Power Adapter

140W PD3.1 USB C Charger,

UGREEN Nexode 140W USB C Charger

140W USB C Charger PD 3.1 3-Port GaN Charger Wall Charger

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