SanDisk CF Express Card could be a better card. It could be but it is not what we should expect it to be. When looking at the SanDisk CFExpress card vs the AngelBird CFExpress card we really do see a signifant difference where one can argue that SanDisk has dropped the ball. That being said, it is a good card overall, however, in my opinion not worth the money.

If you are thinking significant investment with this SanDisk CFExpress card, in my opinion, there are other manufacturers that can do better. The comparison with the AngelBird CFExpress card shows as some key differences with how cards are made, how they handle heat, and of course, how they will handle the higher end camarages. Flagships do need better and at this price point SanDisk just doesn’t cut it.

AngelBird has been a great company to deal with. The products they have released come at a good price point and allow the end user to get some better opportunity at utilizing the newer cameras and their features. The AngelBird SE is a must at it’s price point even if it is just a back up card. In most cases this will be the go to card. The AngelBird SX although attractive in nature is simple to small for the size of the images that these new camaras demand. The speed is great but lets be real, the size just will not cut it. The Pro MK2 will be tested soon as I have ordered them. I do believe they will be the go to card for most professionals.

Images settings for test: 125 f2.8 6400

0:00 Intro
1:03 About the SanDisk CFExpress Type B Card
2:26 About the AngelBird CFExpress Type B Cards
4:01 Issues with the SanDisk CFExpress Type B Card
5:55 Crystal Disk Mark Tests Results
6:30 Transfer Speeds with Video
7:20 Images per Second
7:45 Number of images per buffer fill
7:58 Number of images in a 3 second Burst with Sandisk
8:25 Number of images in a 3 second Burst with AngelBird
9:02 Buffer recovery in seconds
10:30 SanDisk transfer slow downs
11:10 SanDisk Transfer slow downs with heat issues
12:39 AJA hot vs cold testing SanDisk CFExpress type B cards
13:30 SanDisk support communication
16:30 AngelBird CFexpress type B card transfers
17:20 AJA hot vs cold testing AngelBird CFExress type b cards
19:50 Review of the different AngelBird CFExpress type B cards
21:50 My thoughts on SanDisk CFExpres Type B Cards
23:37 How we should think about buying or investing into CFExpress cards
24:50 How to think about investing into the right product

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