If you have a Sandisk Extreme Pro 170 MB/s sd card and you can’t reach the top read speeds then this video is for you. The 170MB/s promised by Sandisk is achievable however it requires the SanDisk SD UHS-I Card Reader – SDDR-C531-GNANN in order to reach top speeds. This uses propriety software that can only be used with the Sandisk UHS-I card reader. The packaging can be looked at a misleading or as marketing genius.

Many people have contacted me after my recent video earlier this year on the why and as such I went on a long hunt to figure it out with the company. Miscommunication is an understatement.

This all being said, SanDisk still produces a nice card and most won’t be bothered by not achieving this top read speed or won’t bother by it if they don’t use it all that much. For those who use it on a daily though, clearly this video is for you!

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