SBCN 15 Minute Educational Series

SBCN offers a 15 minute Educational Series at the beginning of every monthly meeting.  The educational series allows for a short introduction into a subject that gives its members a new look into business topics that will help their businesses grow.  Our intent is to touch up on subjects such as idea conception, realization, planning, and implementation into existing business models.  From sales to practical business practices that are sometimes avoided by small business owners, fundamentals can be re-introduced into these businesses.  With key points being drawn up to entertain the creative mind, the goal is to move the wheels of successful business development for all our members.

Taking up this post interested me from the start, but boy is it ever more entertaining to create a 15 minute presentation on topics I can talk all day!  I appreciate the opportunity to share the knowledge I have gained through my experiences and welcome the opportunity to shine for the SBCN!

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    MongolKag says:

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    BardacVag says:

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