The Seagate FireCuda 530 SSD review is here. The question is simple. Should you buy the FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD? I bought and tested the FireCuda SSD 2TB version. The Firecuda 530 GEN 4 2TB NVMe SSD is a beast of a drive. A super fast NVMe drive that gets the job done for both gamers and creators. The real question is about caching and price point. The FireCuda 530 is a fast drive that gets hot and does throttle BUT this is observed through high usage of transfers. So if you are not transferring massive 300-800 GB sets of files then this drive will do the job. If you are, you will be limited in certain ways that I talk about the video. However, if you stay within the constraints explained in this video you should be fine.

I will be making a comparison video of the FireCuda 530 vs SN850 by Western Digital. The goal is to point out the different aspects with transfer large files and see the comparison before buying the different drives. This is more for creators and professionals than it is for gamers.

If you are a gamer you shouldn’t worry too much. Keep the drive under 75% capacity and you are off to the races. As long as you have a heat sink that is!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Is the Firecuda 530 Hot?
1:38 Why I went with the SN850 originally
2:53 How fast is the Firecuda 530? Transfer speeds?
3:05 The Firecuda 530 good aspects
3:35 Should you buy the Firecuda 530 for day to day?
4:35 Should you buy the Firecuda 530 for gaming?
5:10 What size Firecuda 530 should you buy and workflow?
6:07 Overheating and throttling issues with the Firecuda 530?
7:15 What happens if I overfill the Firecuda 530 past 75%?
8:08 Overheating and what to expect with caching issues on file transfers?
9:35 Firecuda 530 vs SN850 overheating and caching
10:20 How long does it take for the Firecuda 530 caching to recover?
11:50 Transferring from SD card to CFexpress card. Any issues?
12:40 Regular use of the drive is great
14:00 Is the Firecuda 530 a good NVMe drive for creators?
15:10 Should you buy the Firecuda 530 as a creator and why?
16:20 Is the Firecuda 530 warranty any good?
17:29 Price point Should you buy the Firecuda 530 as a creator.

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2 Responses

  1. Maybe this can be mitigated by purchasing the version with EK heatsink. I own it (2Tb) and I don't notice any overheating (it stays always below 70C, which is the throttling temp..).

  2. Even more remarkable are the following things you noticed:
    1. The sn850 reaches 84C without slowing down. While this could appear as advantageous, the controller could be damaged (the NANDs tolerate heat fairly well, but the controller does not). The sn850 should slow down once it reaches 70-75C.. If it doesn't, it needs probably a firmware upgrade..
    2. Performance loss at 96% filled. Well, that's normal, but it's nonetheless remarkable that the SN850 performed well even when fully filled.. You should, anyway, leave some 10% of the drive unformatted as overprovisioning, otherwise the drive won't execute the TRIM command once completely filled…

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