I list my services for people who would like long term assistance to find success! After all, I’m a Design Think Specialist! All my services are appropriate for:

Need a PM who can make a project flow naturally? I believe in strong communication being the primary reasoning for a successful project. I can work in almost any industry and will follow through as per requirements. I utilize Design Think Methodology to develop creativity and innovation for my clients. Large scale or small I am able to work according to your schedule in successfully completing your project.

Key Note Speaker

Looking for a key note speaker?  Public Speaking is my Forte! I can make sure your audience is feeling motivated and ready to go! Large to small companies and schools! Are you an independent business owner and want to run a few seminars! I’m the guy to ask. I can help you organize the event, develop content that works and of course can participate as a guest speaker! Anything from business principals to motivational and leadership skills!

Business/Personal Coach

Are you looking for a coach that can produce? I can make your view change and give you actual pointers that make you think! Solutions that work involve someone who can give you a different view!  My coaching approach is similar to a mentor! I will open your eyes to outside the box thinking!  Business owners, professionals, students, and all! See how I can help! Take the Mentorship Approach

Venture Opportunities

Have a new Idea that can be a great Venture? I can help! I will sit down with you and help develop your idea into a money making machine!  Process is simple: Tell me about your idea, work on a business methodology, look at developing your business planning all through my Concept Planning Methodos! I can point you to the right direction, introduce you to the right people and make your idea succeed!

Career Direction – Business Professionals and STUDENTS

Did you apply to a school or are in a program you shouldn’t be in? Is you career making you miserable but don’t see a way out? Do you know whats next? Will that business degree take you where you want to go? Will spending money in an specialized designation bring you to the next step? I can walk you through it and connect you with the right people! Contact me today!


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