Questions about buying a gen 4 SSD NVMe for your Gen 3 laptop? Gen 3 or Gen 4 SSD is the question for Gen 3 PC and Laptops. Wondering what the numbers look like? Had lots of questions about them numbers and so in this video I review a quick test of Gen 4 NVMe SSD in a Gen 3 Laptop. I use my XPS 9570 with a Samsung 970 Evo Gen 3 SSD and compare it to a Western Digital SN850 Gen 4 SSD.

0:00 Start
0:15 Intro to Gen 4 SSD in a XPS 9570
1:17 Explaining the Testing
1:38 Safe mode Windows Test Speeds
3:25 Windows Test Speeds
4:01 Gen 4 drive in PC with Gen 3 speeds
5:08 Explanation of Gen 3 vs Gen 3 Speeds and software
7:57 What to buy? My thoughts on buying Gen 3 vs Gen 4 for Gen 3 systems

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