In this video we talk about the OnePlus 8t and if it is good enough for 2022 at the new price points. Of course, not the latest and greatest like a flag ship but the question of “does it get the job done for a great price” should be discussed.

This video is clearly for the lower budget type of people who will sacrifice the top specs offered on the newer smartphones.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Why should we talk about the OnePlus 8t?
1:00 Price point and overall thoughts
1:40 Quality and Efficiency vs Flag ship
2:53 Comfort and overall feel
3:35 120Hz Screen
4:20 Battery and daily experience
5:40 Camera and comparing with OnePlus 8 and most smartphones
8:15 Let’s talk 5G and my thoughts
9:25 Overall Thoughts and Budget Thought Process

Check out the OnePlus 8 Review –

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