Time for change in 2021. New Studio with a New Year

Time for change in 2021. Happy New Year and lets all start it off with a big splash. It’s been a while trying to adjust and come up with what I wanted to really push out with my content. 2020 changed a lot of things for me just as it may have for you reading this right now. I am happy to finally push out and get moving. The last 3 months have been a blast getting ready.

Shoot me a comment bellow on what you want to see for videos with a focus on creators and business, tools you need and of course the process to building a successful you!

Ask me any questions regarding creativity, business, and personal mindset. I’m here to help and my goal will be to build community.

0:00 Chapters
0:25 2020 Recap
0:50 2020 General Expectations
1:21 The 3 types of situations of 2020
1:53 My Expectations of 2020 and reality
2:47 How I adjusted and what I focused on
3:40 Finished 2020 off strong and 2021 goals
4:50 Channel Focus and My Goals with it

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Nominating Joshua C Love | Vid Summit 2019

First video on this channel is for Joshua C Love. Creator with huge talent and skill set in making great music. I am nominating him for the Cody Wanner Challenge for Vid Summit 2019 as he more than deserves it!

Joshua C Love

The dynamically enthusiastic composer/vocalist/producer, Joshua C Love (Proximity Butterfly) is known for his explosive and tenderly enchanting compositions and performances. After releasing 5 LPs, 2 EPs and singles across China over the past decade with Modern Sky (Beijing), Maybe Mars (Beijing) and CaoTai Music (Chengdu/Beijing), Love, touring incessantly through Asia and Australia, was named Featured Upcoming Artist by Hong Kong’s Rolling Stone magazine. JCL has performed live on CCTV-9, CCTV-1, Sichuan Television (SCTV) and in 2017 was featured on QQ’s Tencent Live to over 9 million viewers.

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