What is the best SD card for the money? Is it the Prograde Digital USH -II V90 256GB card?

So many SD cards to choose from. Every camera has it’s own specs and often is the case that your older cards will still be good for upgraded cameras. These last few years however, tech has made it’s jump to higher data transfers. Camera specs and speeds have changed drastically. Buying new cards can be a challenge especially when the cost is so high. Clearly from a price point, when switching to a V90 UHS – II card, things get pricey quickly. Sony, SanDisk, Lexar, AngelBird, and so on, all have high price point for their UHS II cards. V90 is the name of the game with all 4k cameras in recent years. Can you get away with V60? Well of course but if the price point is within a fair percentage for the V90 SD card why buy the V60 SD card?

Most people are faithful to the companies they found to be reliable with their previous SD UHS-I card purchases. As such they are willing to spend the extra money to stay with a company. SanDisk Extreme Pro has been my go to. Have I used other SD Card companies? Of course, I have tried my fair share and to be honest, I always came back to SanDisk due to reliability, price point, and overall great quality. However, all good things must come to an end. In my case, SanDisk started to show its shortcomings since being acquired by Western Digital. Switching over to the Prograde UHS-II has pained me as I didn’t want to let go of those awesome SanDisk Sd Cards. When it comes to Prograde Digital, money talks as so does quality and being able to perform with the big guns. Surprised is the word. Very surprised.

In this video we review the Prograde Digital USH -II V90 256GB card. Diving into its pro’s and con’s. More testing happening to fully compare the SanDisk UHS-II with the Prograde UHS-II of course. Video will come!

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  1. HI Nikos good morning From Brooklyn nyc, thanks to inform better sd card yes l do need to change then for my insta360 action camera using that sandsik l m not so happy for it, so l guess why not l can change , try something if that works good you know.?

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