2022 is already here? Time to get moving in the right direction with 5 awesome tips on how to be successful in 2022. No more New Years resolutions. Just 5 tips to succeed in anything you want to succeed in. I hit my goals with my Youtube channel last year and was super proud of it. I follow these 5 tips and will follow them again through this year. If your goals have be consistantly not being achieve each and every year, well give this a try and see the change you are looking for.

2022 should be an epic year. So let’s get moving in the right direction by making the right decisions at the right time!

0:00 intro
1:10 Firecuda 530 anyone???
1:30 Grateful with 2021? Yep!
2:43 Tip 1: What did you not achieve in 2021 and why
3:03 Tip 2: Is your goal still relevant for 2022?
3:40 Tip 3: Focus on what you want to be doing
5:42 Tip 4: Ask if your goals are achievable and adjust
7:05 Tip 5: Accountability is the key to success
8:01 Accountability and outside world – Mass Hysteria?
9:11 Accountability and outside word – Bring Logic back

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